Friday, 10 August 2007

Linda McQuaig: Toronto Tax Phobia Starves Transit

Straight Goods, an excellent on-line journal of independent news and views, has a good piece by Linda McQuaig this week. It's headline is:

Toronto tax phobia starves transit

City would rather slash subway services than implement land transfer tax.

Those who care about the future of cities should read it, whether they live in Toronto or not.

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Anonymous said...

Toronto is a failed city. The mayor admits that Toronto cannot sustain Toronto, they need to mooch more from the rest of the province. We here in Ottawa don't go begging to the province and frankly it is immoral to tax Ontarians just to give it to Toronto. A billion dollars for a subway line that isn't very efficient is a slap in the face to Ontarians. And spare me the argument that a strong Toronto benefits Ontario; it does not. A "strong" Toronto means sticking your hand in my pocket and the pockets of other Ontarians. Screw that. Just admit you are a FAILURE, lose the attitude that makes Toronto so hated, and we might be more inclined to help.