Friday, 14 September 2007

Saturday Photo: Day Lilies, the best of my summer

If I gave a prize to the nicest flower this summer in my garden, I'd have to give to the day lilies in the backyard. I've never had much luck with them, unlike my neighbors who seem to neglect them but nevertheless have brilliant summer bloom. This year, however, for some reason which escapes me, I had some good flowers. Can't tell you what the variety is--keeping lists is another of those things I just never get around to doing--but the results were lovely.

This week I dug up and gave away a host of hostas, and planted the space where they were with pansies and a couple of other things. Will have to rethink that bed seriouisly next spring. The aim at the moment is just to introduce a little yellow in the backyard to balance the rudebeckia which is doing famously, thank you very much.

What a pleasure my Darwinian garden is! Just the thing to get my mind off the more stressful elements of life.

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