Saturday, 3 May 2008

Saturday Photo: New Leaves and Bird Song

Leaves usually come on trees here during the first week in May. For a while 10 days ago, it appeared they might burst out earlier because the weather was so warm, but the current cooler temperatures have prolonged the delicious period when trees are clouds of tender, not-quite foliage.'

A good thirty people, binocs and bird books in hand, had gathered at the entrance to Mount Royal Cemetery as I left the mountain to head home from my walk this morning. It probably will be a good day for bird observation. Certainly the cheerful song of the white throated sparrow could be heard everywhere as I walked.

The bird's call is variously said to be, "Oh Sam Peabody, Peabody," O, cher Frédéric, Fréderic," or "O sweet Canada, Canada," depending what language you speak and whether you're north or south of the Canadian border. The birds, of course, know no borders, and sing only to be understood by each other. The message they convey is clear to us all, however: winter is over.

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Muzition said...

There are a few white-throated sparrows around where I live. There's quite a few song sparrows too. Today I saw some waxwings in my front yard.

The robins around here start singing at exactly 3:30 every morning!