Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Back in Montreal: Time to Catch up on Things

We got back last evening to find Lukas and Sophie waiting with dinner for us, and Calie the cat doing very well despite her advanced age. Just before we left, the vet diagnosed a renal insufficiency and prescribed a drug for that as well as glucosomine for Calie's arthritis. That's in addition to the drops for her glaucoma and the Metamucil for her digestive problems. Of course, she is the equivalent of something like 100 in human years since she'll turn 21 this month.

Lukas said she started sleeping on the pillow next to his face which is something she did long ago when he still lived at home and arranged his classes and his summer jobs so he didn't have to get up before noon. Times have changed but obviously this old cat's affection for "her kids" continues. Good thing that the kids' partners also seem fond of cats.

Today is the day for laundry, grocery shopping, checking out the garden, and reading the stack of mail and newspapers which have piled up over the last three weeks. Back to work tomorrow when the domestic stuff is back to normal.

And to think that yesterday for lunch we had cheese, a red from the Côtes de Rhone, a baguette freshly baked that morning at the bakery next door as well as cherries from the south of France!

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Muzition said...

Aww, what a cute cat!