Saturday, 26 July 2008

Saturday Photo: Foggy Morning, Mount Royal Cemetery

Where I grew up, not far from the beach in San Diego, we would get a lot of fog in summer. Where Lee is from in the Central Valley of California, the foggy time was winter. Around here we don't get much fog at all, but when we do it tends to be in early spring or late fall. In all these cases the air temperatures are around 45 F/10 C.

This summer, however, when temperatures have been much warmer, there have been mornings when the traffic report cautions about fog along river valleys and in low places. The humidity, it would appear, has been so high that only a small drop in the temperature caused water vapor to condense into fog. Last week, it was even foggy on top of Mount Royal. Walking through it was beautiful and strange: a place I know very well was transformed by the veil of water droplets supended in the air.

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