Sunday, 24 May 2009

Reading and Greetings from Portugal

As I said, I'm in Portugal to do some research for a new book project. It's called (for the moment at least) Making Waves: The Portuguese around the World, and while I've seen traces of the great nation of European explorers from the West coast of India to the West Coast of North America not to mention the Azores and Brazil, I've never been to the Mother Country.

High time, I think, so I'll be away for a bit more than a week, and will not likely be posting very often. In the meantime, let me suggest some excellent reading on the country: The Return of the Caravels by Antonio Lobo Antunes. I had never read anything by him until last week when The New Yorker published an essay on his work. I went looking for it in Montreal libraries and found a copy in Portuguese at the nearby Mile End libraray. Even though I've been working on language for some time, I could make no progress until I found a copy in French in another library. It's a fascinating, very unsettling novel, which according to The New Yorker is also available in English. Haven't seen it, but I'd recommend it if you find it.

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