Saturday, 13 June 2009

Saturday Photo: Frontyard Gardens

What to do when you only have 25 feet of frontage in the middle of the city? A lot actuallly as these photos of my neighborhors frontyards attest. The first is one that Jean-Claude Hurni began at least 25 years ago in front of the Hurnis' row house. It is a gorgeous, mature garden now, with a pond and a constant change of colour and texture.

The second is one designed by Tri Du and his wife. They put in a small fountain two years ago, and this year added some gorgeous rocks so big they took a crane to be put in place.

The third is that of Nicola Bridge and Jean-Louis Bolduc
who with the help of a horticulturalist friend, have redesigned their front yard too. What a pleasure!

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Avis said...

Your neighbors prove that it's not how much space you have, but how you use it. Small-space gardeners unite! Cheers!