Saturday, 19 June 2010

Saturday Photo: Getting the Colours Right

One of the things I find very hard in my garden is making the colours right. By this I mean getting the tones to harmonize: to my eye, there's nothing more discordant than a red which veers toward the blue side of the spectrum up against a red that's orangey. It looks like whoevever put them together wasn't paying attention--which in my case is usually what what happened indeed. As I've said before, I'm not a mad gardener, but a Darwinian one (that is to say: what survives, survives.)

In front I have some nice tulips that come up every spring, for which I am most grateful, but also a rhododendren bought in a sale at Reno Depot that somehow survives too. The only problem with them is that the tulips are really red, but the rhododendron is near mauve. Each spring I think I should add at least some purplsh tulips to blend the colours, but of course I forget in the fall when it's time to plant bulbs.

But there is one place I've got it right. The climbing rose (name forgotten, one of the Explorer hardy roses) and the peony (name also lost) bloom at the same time and are nearly the same colour. Such was the case last week: success, as usual. mostly be accident.

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