Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Why Someone Named Soderstrom Wrote a Book about the Portuguese

If there ever was any doubt about the need for a book like Making Waves: The Continuing Portuguese Adventure, the listing provides it. Just checked to see if it was in stock to find that it's listed under Books > History > Europe > Spain ! Hope to see lots of you tonight for the launch of the book that I hope will help fill the gap: 5:30-8 p.m. Bobards, 4328 St. Lawrence, Montreal.

For more about the book and me, check out Mike Boone's column in the Gazette this morning "Lusophile Trains Spotlight on People Who Tend to Sail under the Radar."
He writes: "It is tempting to make a piscatorial comparison:

"In Making Waves, Mary Soderstrom's latest book, the Portuguese are packed like sardines into 171 pages.

"Soderstrom's style, however, isn't dense, claustrophobic or oleaginous. Making Waves is not a bite-sized condensation of 600 years of history but rather an appreciation of people who have fascinated Soderstrom since her 1950s childhood in San Diego."


Martin Langeland said...

Break a leg!
As theatre-types wish one on opening night.

lagatta à montréal said...

Sadly or happily, after a horrifically skint period I'm overloaded with freelance work and can't make it.

What is the Portuguese expression? In French it is "merde", of course, and in Italian, "in boca al lupo". I loved Mike Boone's piece. I was thinking about it while at the very old-style SA grocery today (with all the Lusophone flags outside, from three continents and some islands).