Friday, 17 December 2010

24 Salt Herring for the 12 Days of Christmas

The bowl of salt herring, soaking in fresh water in prepartion for being made into sil, is a measure of how things are reaching a new equilibrium around here.

Swedish pickled herring is a Soderstrom favourite, one of the dishes that the gang agreed had to be on the table during the holidays this year, despite the disruptions. (The others include cardamom cookies or peppakakor, buttery spritz cookies, my grandmother McDonald's Five Roses chocolate cookies, potato sausage, plus Sophie's mocha torte and Emmanuel's eggs benedict.)

It takes a good week for the herring to get properly imbued with the marinade so this morning I spent a couple of hours boning, skinning and cutting up two dozen herring. Now I think I'll take a nap to see if I can get rid of the terrible cough that arrived on the heels the fire.

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