Monday, 7 October 2013

Saturday Photo: Self-Censorship

This is the photo that I'm using on the hardcopy invitation to my book launches for my new collection of short stories, Desire Lines: Stories of Love and Geography next month.  

It's appropriate, in a way, because this sinuous path crossing the Champ des possibles open space near where I live started me thinking about the resonances of "desire lines."  They are, urbanists say, the paths people choose to make when they want to get some place.  They frequently have nothing to do with formal layout of streets and sidewalks and almost always they say a lot about  people's aims.

But I can't say I'm too pleased with myself for using the photo to promote the two parties we're planning to launch the book.  The cover, which I love, is a little racey and it's been mentioned to me that it's not the sort of thing that librarians and others might like to find in the hands of kids.

Since the image is a detail from a painting by Edwin Holgate, a member  of Canada's legendary Group of Seven parinters, it shouldn't get much flack.  But just the same I've buckled.  The e-mail invitation will use the book cover, though.

Whatever, you're all invited to attend one or both of the launches:
Wednesday November 6 at 7 p.m.

Librairie Drawn and Quarterly
211, Bernard ouest
Mile End, Montreal
(80, 435 and 160 buses)


Tuesday November 12 at 7 p.m.

Librairie Clio
245-N. Boulevard St Jean
Pointe Claire, PQ,
Plaza Point Claire

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ray johns said...

I like both pictures for the cover art of your new collection of stories . Desire lines lie like navigational buoys to reveal the paths we make now and again in our intertwining lives. Can the Edwin Holgate picture be set on the inside fly-leaf too? I remember such an example of a desire line that I and my mates chose to make as schoolchildren cutting through the small tract of woodland between our newly-built single-family housing development and the back sports fields next to the elementary and high school in our Claymont town.