Saturday, 18 July 2015

Saturday Photo: Street Furniture, or Living Outdoors

Didn't have my camera with me the other night, but Thom, his mother, Grandpa and I made an after-supper visit to a local artisanal ice cream place.  It was a lovely summer evening and the lines of parents, kids and grandkids were long.  Our choices were mostly chocolate: good thing Thom was wearing a brown tee shirt because it was covered in drips before the treat was eaten.  Grandpa's white beard also was decorated with chocolate as he ate a cone with TWO scoops!

We sat on one of the benches in the photo, enjoying the ice cream and the outing.  Putting just a few out as street furniture enhances the dynamics of urban life.  Periodic emptying of trash cans is necessary, but the folks at the ice cream parlor seem to be on the case.  A great addition to the neighborhood!

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lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, very nice. Lots of small improvements. Up here, two little "parkettes", one on Shamrock right by the market, and another on Castelnau, two short blocks north, by a lovely old greystone church with steps designed for wedding photos - and now, for concerts.

On a somewhat larger scale, the restoration of Parc Lahaie, in front of the baroque St-Enfant-Jésus-du-Mile-End church, with a matching fountain and lots of park benches, picnic tables and old-fashioned wooden swing chairs. It is full of people of all ages and walks of live. Though André Picard of the Globe reminds us that a piece in the puzzle is missing: accessible and clean public toilets.