Saturday, 15 August 2015

Saturday Photo: The Electric Cool Aid Acid Test--Or What the Rich Drive

Not that I'm going to make fun of the environmental  concerns of these folks who are shown powering up their two electric cars, but I mean, don't low gas-guzzlers and public transport have more effect on green house gas emissions and all that tra la la?

The house and cars are a couple of blocks over from us, on a street where the houses are single family, very large, and extremely well-kept.  (They were repointing all the brick work when the photo was taken: a good $10,000 or more right there.)

The vehicles also are really classy, and I'm sure the people are cool too.  But I really can't think that these early-adapters represent the wave of the future.  Progress on the environmental front is frequently far more low-tech.

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lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, or it could be hi-tech, but social. Such as restoring tram service on nearby avenue du Parc. With comfortable and elegant modern trams, just as electrified, and available to all for the cost of a ticket or a pass.

The orange métro line has been saturated at rush hours since the extension to Laval. Positive as that was, we need relief in the form of parallel tramlines.

A desire named streetcar!