Tuesday, 20 October 2015

They Ran from the Left, Will They Govern from the Right?

Canadians' basic decency won yesterday, with the decisive defeat of Stephen Harper's politics of fear and hate.  Thank goodness!

Now, however, Justin Trudeau's Liberals will have to hold to their promises to invest in infrastructure, run deficits and amend the terrible C-51 anti-terrorism law.  As often happens with the Liberals, they ran from the left. It remains to be seen if they govern from there.

The NDP is going to have to do some real soul searching about where they're going and who is their leader.  This time around I, a long NDP militant,  effectively sat on my hands.  Oh, I raised several thousand bucks for various candidates, but that's it, even though Mulcair is my MP and I was chair of his riding association back in 2010-2012.  The party on his watch as moved right, espousing dubious economic policies--he doesn't seem to realize that deficit spending should often be viewed as investment in the future--and not standing up for programs that really matter.  When it comes to the cornerstone of the NDP heritage, he made some noises near the end about  protecting the Canada Health Act which guarantees universal health care with penalties for provinces who allow extra billing. but that's about it.

Mulcair is said to be going to spend the day recuperating.  Good.  So should the folks behind this crushing defeat for him and the party.  Some changes are in order.

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lagatta à montréal said...


Indeed my friends in Outremont riding (in Outremont, Mile End and a portion of CDN) were perplexed, though I think most would up voting for Mulcair. I live in Rosemont-La Petite Patrie and spent the day working for Alexandre Boulerice, who was elected, fortunately.

I'm a bit younger than you, but I'm getting to an age where improving the Guaranteed Income Supplement for people 65 and over would be very important indeed, including my crew of arty, alternative boomers who never racked up the great assets the prevailing story assumes everyone of our cohort has. The cuts to health, education, arts and culture and science have been crippling and the meanness affects everything.