Sunday, 22 November 2015

Saturday Photo: Fall Bikes...

Bixi is closing down for the year.  Riding conditions continue to be good, but in Montreal the bike-share service doesn't run from about the middle of November until early April.  The opening date varies a bit from year to year, depending on snow conditions, but the ending date is relatively fixed.

I presume that's because we all know that winter can swoop down on us at any moment.  The big storm which apparently has bothered Chicago this weekend is tracking to the south of us so far, it's a rare year when we don't have some accumulation before early December.  Five years ago, when the house next to us burned and we suffered a lot of smoke damage, the bad weather held off until December 6 or 7.  Two years ago when I came back from South America Dec. 1, the first snow was piled at the edge of sidewalks.

Riding bikes in weather like that is crazy, I think, and I guess the Bixi folks think so too.  Time to turn back to the buses and your feet for transport, and to hockey for exercise?


lagatta à montréal said...

Playing hockey even as an amateur is very expensive.

There are fewer things sadder for me than putting my bicycle away, as it is my wings. I have arthritis and although I walk as much as I can and certainly walk for all errands from Jean-Talon Market to PA supermarket in the winter, it hurts and I can't walk quickly enough for it to constitute aerobic exercise.

Bus and métro are expensive as well.

Mary Soderstrom said...

Street hockey isn't too bad--and I meant it a bit as a joke!