Sunday, 17 April 2016

Saturday Photo: Scylla Here and in Chicago

Took this a few years ago when I was in Chicago when the scylla was in bloom.  This year the firsts ones are shaking their little blue heads and spring begins.

Other signs of spring: people whizzing around on Bixis which went into service at midnight Friday, kids asking their parents for ice cream on a lovely Saturday afternoon, and me trying to remember what I thought I sould do in the garden this spring.  So much for keeping records: I may do a good job when I'm reporting/researching something, but I always forget that I mean to plan out the next year's garden when the memories of the last year's one are still vivid.


Martin Langeland said...

Hi Mary!
you want garden notes?
Try Thomas Jefferson's Garden Book

lagatta à montréal said...

We have to plan here at the co-op, as not only are we redoing the centre part of our front garden, destroyed when we had to do major structural work (shoring up the building - many buildings on my street have been undermined by a hidden rivulet - so many on the island of Montréal) but also we are doing a ruelle verte with our neighbours across the lane.