Sunday, 18 December 2016

Saturday Photo: Bolo do reis and Putting Things in Perspective

This is a Portuguese holiday cake, covered with crystalized fruit and sugar.  Quite good if you like that sort of thing, which Lee certainly does.  Bought one last week and it was much appreciated.

A Padaria Coimbra, AKA La Baguette dorée, on Mount Royal in the Plateau makes a lovely one.  We discovered it six years ago during the difficult winter we spent in an apartment nearby following the fire that seriously damaged our house. 

Jeanne was a baby then, but now she's six.  Her cousins Thomas is four and baby Louis will be six months on Thursday.  Time passes and frequently in retrospect the bad things (8 months out of our house, fights with the contractor, much uncertainty etc) fall away and the good things stand out.

Would that be the case with the current political situation!


lagatta à montréal said...

That Bolo do reis is beautiful, but I'm afraid I'd probably find it too sweet; more like the New Orleans "King Cake" than the Galette des rois...

I was at Marché Picado a couple of days ago - buying frozen shrimp and a fish mix for fish soup as Portuguese families bought massive quantities of frozen seafood and other seasonal essentials.

If only the damage of various "alt-right" electoral wins on many continents could be eradicated as easily as your fire, smoke and water damage! I'm thinking of Dilma's adversaries as much as Trump or Brexit. She wasn't perfect, but they are so much worse, and the PT did a lot to lift millions of Brazilians out of dire poverty.

Mary Soderstrom said...

Dilma was very badly treated, for sure, and I'm afraid the next four years (and perhaps further on) are not going to be good. Marché Picado is a great place: lovely both Jackie and her husband!