Sunday, 8 January 2017

Saturday Photo: Wet Snow, Our Backyard, and Deliveries

Beautiful snow this week, although it was tough driving on Tuesday when the temperature hovered near freezing, and some of the precipitation was freezing rain.  But yesterday was clear and cold.  That meant the weather was perfect for delivering furniture.

Lee's remake of Stuart's bedstead and the new table for Sophie and Lukas found their new homes, after we rented a van and made the rounds.  I did the driving since Lee--insert drum roll here--says I'm a better driver in winter conditions than he is!  All true, I'd even say that I'm a better driver than he is in ALL conditions, but we won't start an argument this sunny Sunday morning.

Of course, there's a certain irony here, because I'm far from being a car person, even though I got my driver's license at 15 1/2.  For a long time I've been a BMW kid--Bike, Metro, Walk (without the bike).  Yet it's nice to have access to vehicles when you need to do something like deliver Lee's projects.

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