Saturday, 13 May 2017

Saturday Photo: Green Rain after the Real Rain

The photo actually was taken a few years ago, but it looks like this outside today.  The maple trees are dropping their little flowers (drupes, I think, is the proper name) and lawns, sidewalks and gardens are covered with this lovely yellow-green rain.

No hard real rain is in the forecast which is good news for those struggling with high water from the last weeks of heavy precipitation.  Of course, things would not be nearly as bad, if people hadn't built on flood plains and wet lands.  As my mother used to say, just because you build a house on a swamp, it doesn't cease to be a swamp.

This house is on high ground, and it was built in a time when folks knew that low land could spell trouble...

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lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, we aren't about to get flooding from rivers in Outremont or Petite-Italie. Rosemont is even less a mountain than Mont-Royal is, but it is among the highest spots on the island.

We might get flooding from broken water mains, though, or flooding in cellars from the underground streams that abound on the island, including one on our street. We are among many dwellers who have had to replace or repair our foundations.

People simply forget how much water there is around here, with the Ottawa flowing into the St-Laurent.