Saturday, 28 October 2017

Saturday Photo: Pumpkins...and Pumpkin Pi

Just returned from scouting pumpkins.  Thomas and Louis (5 and 17 months) are coming over today and we're going to make a pumpkin, or maybe two.

We currently have two tiny ones and two small ones, chosen by Jeanne when she was here earlier in the week.  She left with three small ones for herself and her parents.  She also chose the ones we have: I was surprised that she wanted the smaller ones, but she was the one who got to decide.

Not sure what Thom will think though, hence the scouting trip.  Funnily, there seem to be very few medium sized ones around--a few tiny ones and several enormous ones in the stores. 

Well, we'll see what the boys decide.  And afterwards we'll have the prospect of several pumpkin pies, which are favourites around here. As is this terrific jack o'lantern carved a few years ago by some talented folk.

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lagatta à montréal said...

They are beautiful, for décor purposes, and I love the PI. However, for eating, I prefer potimarron, also known as red kuri squash, which is the same colour but has far more delicate flesh. Easy to find at Jean-Talon. They are also small enough to cook for one or two people.

I especially like the squash called potimarron, red kuri or other names as in the recipe:

Despite the tags, it is only vegan if one omits any butter or cheese. But I like the idea of a risotto that gets a lot of its unctuousness from vegetable sources, and of course olive oil, a bit of butter and cheese can happily go in the pot.

Sage leaves would go well with this...