Friday, 22 December 2017

Saturday Photo: Merry Christmas and All That

I've posted this photo before I think, but it seems particularly appropriate as the year turns on its solstice hinge.

Supposedly there will be a few more seconds of daylight today than there was yesterday.  Good thing to know, even though we're not likely to seem much sun, given snow in the weather forecast.

But when the sun does come out, it will shine on sheets of white, multiplying its light.  And light is something that is sorely need, in both the literal and the figurative sense.

This is a winter of discontent, perhaps the worst in a long time.  Hard to keep the faith but we have to, or else the loathsome ones will win....

That said, let me wish everyone some pleasure over the next few days, as the year ends and a good part of the world celebrates--well, what does it celebrate, actually?  Our Jeanne says it is love, and I'll go along with that.

For more thoughts about 2017 and wishes for 2018, here's the link to my holiday blog.  Blessings on us everyone, as Tiny Tim said.

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