Sunday, 7 January 2018

Saturday Photo: Picnic Anyone?

The winter grinds on.  We were spared the Snow Bomb, but the temperatures have plunged again, and what snow fell in the last couple of days was whipped around yesterday.  It even came in under the front door, the first time that we can remember, although we've lived in this house more than 40 years.

All this to say that we must remember we're talking about "climate change," not "global warming."  Extreme weather in other words.  Don't know how we're going to get out of this one.

But I expect that some time--may in July--these picnic tables will be in use by people complaining about the heat.

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lagatta à montréal said...

So many beautiful parks in Outremont:Beaubien, but I think my favourite is parc St-Viateur, with its romantic pavillon... also parc Joyce, the one connecting the western end of Bernard with Côte Ste-Catherine and the road to Université de Montréal, with its magnificent trees.

St-Viateur is near the Outremont library, so it is the one I've most often walked by or through in the wintertime.

Yes, Trump is trumpeting this very cold winter in eastern North America in the name of climate denial.

Unrelated urbanism comment: work is progressing apace at the new coop Mile-End, near Laurier and de Gaspé. Pleasant affordable housing, also for young families (some three-bedroom units) and for disabled people (two lifts).