Saturday, 7 December 2019

Saturday Photo: Sunny Winter Day...

Yes, I know, I've posted this before  but it fits today perfectly--sunny, some snow, and people outside enjoying themselves.

This winter has started out with a lot of energy but the current forecast is for a milder than usual one, in part because of global climate trends.  That's not good news in the long run, although those of us who've had snow on the ground for a month may give a self-centred cheer. 

"Snowmobiling, skiing, it’s more pick your time, don’t procrastinate when you get some good conditions. Go for it—because you never know when the next warm front is coming your way to take that away," says David Phillips, Environment and Climate Change Canada’s senior climatologist.  

Remains to be seen of course, but when I came home from running errands a bit ago, there was a pile of sleds and snowboards outside a shop that specializes in hot chocolate and soup on days like today.  The folks inside must have decided to take Phillips' advice.

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lagatta à montréal said...

We had a very short warm spell, and I took out my bicycle; can carry more stuff when shopping (cat litter!). Also relieved my lower-back ache (arthritis). I love walking too, but the pedalling motion "lubricates" my joints.

Skiing, snowmobiling aren't very accessible to carfree urbanites, but warm spells are certainly detrimental to ice skating and sledding on our so-called mountain. Ice is the worst deterrent to ordinary urban walking; we really must improve our de-icing techniques. Many Northern European cities are icy due to the ocean and related seas, even if they don't get as cold as we do. Think there are things we can learn.