Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Far from a Million, But, Hey!, It's Nice Anyway: Green City Is Optioned

For decades now at least once a week my husband has come home and asked “Well, did you get any movie contracts for a million bucks?’ The answer was always a laugh, because the kind of things I write usually aren’t interesting to the people who make movies. Oh, once long ago when Alliance Atlantis was trolling for possibilities a producer asked to see my second novel, Endangered Species, and four years ago a woman in television talked about interesting a drama series in one of the stories in The Truth Is.

But long ago I resigned myself to stating my piece and making my place with words alone.

That’s why it is such a pleasant surprise to have Green City: People, Places and Urban Places optioned by Tina Hahn of Symmetree Media. She’s hoping to make one or more television programs from the book. Details are still vague, nothing is promised but, would you believe!, the papers are signed and the cheque—a quite small one, but still a cheque—has arrived.

My thanks to Simon Dardick of Véhicule Press, who spent so much time negotiating the deal.


Martin Langeland said...

And the best of good luck on the toboggan run ahead!

Mary Soderstrom said...

We're along way from production, if that's what you mean. Nothing may come of it,in the end: I'm told that happens most of the time.

But thanks for your good wishes.


Martin Langeland said...

"We're along way from production, if that's what you mean. Nothing may come of it,in the end:"

That's the toboggan run.

Or as Kelly said: "from here on up its downhill all the way.
But do enjoy the speed, the sudden shifts and the fresh air whizzing past.