Friday, 8 February 2008

Saturday Photo: Green Light to Right Turn...Or to Griffintown Development

Green light to a right turn on Ottawa Street: with talk of an impending vote on Canada's role in Afghanistan which may bring down the Conservative minority government, the picture seems either prescient, or menacing, depending on where you sit on the politcal spectrum.

Actually it is was taken in the heart of Griffintown, "the city below the hill." which once hummed with industry. Plans to redevelop 10.2 hectares of it will be aired on February 21 by the developer Devimco, while a public discussion is scheduled by the borough council for March 10.

Another part of town which once looked nearly as forlorn as Griffintown and is now bustling was in the news this week. The idea is to make part of St. Catherine Street running through the Gay Village into a pedestrian mall during the summer months. An interesting plan--and one supported by merchants and residents--but summer seems such a long time off!

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