Saturday, 2 February 2008

Saturday Photo: Griffintown on a Winter Day

Griffintown, whose grid-like subdivision pre-dates Manhattan's by several years, may become a new "lifestyle centre." Or at least that is what development company Devimco is pushing. The same day that I visited Dix30--their "lifestyle centre" set at the junction of two expressways on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence--I wandered around Griffintown too. What difference! (Check out last week's Saturday photo for a look.

This picture is a little crooked but it was so cold I had trouble keeping my hands steady. You'll notice that this building--whose electrical system appears to be up to code--is already for sale.


Anonymous said...

On a cold day like Saturday, try some alcohol....I guarantee you it will steady your hand....In the worst case scenario, you'll be a lot warmer.

On a serious note, Our Mayor likes big projects, so I'm really hoping that he does not rush into this Griffintown project.

Jimmy Zoubris

Mary Soderstrom said...

Are you talking anti-freeze or appellation controlée? Would prefer the latter, I think.


Mary Soderstrom said...

And also I think you're very right about the necessity of not rushing Griffintown.