Saturday, 22 March 2008

Saturday Photo: Spring Flowers for a Frosty Spring

No, these are not tulips growing in my garden, but some hothouse ones given us by a nice little old lady for whom we shovel snow. We'd do it anyway--our parents grew old a long distance from us and had to count on the kindness of strangers, so we figure turn about is only fair play--but she does know exactly what pleases us.

And what could be nicer on this frosty third day of spring 2008 but spring flowers. There was some melting around here, but Quebec City has now passed the 500 cm snow mark--deep as a diving pool, more than 15 feet--while traffic for 200 kilometers on the main road on the lower shore of the St. Lawrence going toward the Gaspé peninsula has been closed because of another storm.

What a winter! Do enjoy the holiday though, be it Easter or (a little late) Navrus and Purim.

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