Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Future of Mount Royal--Spring, and What Happens in the Years to Come

Wednesday, April 23, is the date when the Office de consultation publique hears submissions from groups on a plan for the future of Mount Royal. People who care about the mountain—that three-peaked hill that dominates the island of Montreal—can also fill out an on-line questionnaire about what they think should happen to the park lands and green spaces as well as the surrounding area. If you care about the future of this unique feature of Montreal’s urban space, do take time to fill it out.

I walked up in Mount Royal Cemetery this morning. It’s been a while since I did my full hour long walk up there because during the thaw when temperatures drop at night, the paths and roadways are often dangerous sheets of ice in the morning since the melt water freezes over night. Much snow remains and I did not see any yellow colt’s foot, the first flower to bloom up there usually, but it is clear that this long winter is drawing to a close. What a pleasure to have such a good place to walk so close to the heart of the city!

While working on The Walkable City, I spent much time thinking about formal green spaces in cities. Unless former industrial or port lands can be salvaged and converted, there is not much chance to make parks in the center of good, walkable city. That is why whatever green space was set aside as a city grew is particularly important for the quality of life of city dwellers. The mountain is a irreplaceable, and must be protected so that we all can enjoy it.


Muzition said...

Thank you for pointing me towards the survey!

I've seen a lot of neat things on the mountain.

Yesterday, as I was walking through the McGill campus, I looked up at the sky, and I saw a turkey vulture! I assume it came from the mountain, as I have seen them the re before.

I think it is important that the mountain be protected.

--Emily Gray

Jack Ruttan said...

Vultures are circling McGill?