Saturday, 19 April 2008

Saturday Photo: The Outremont Library's Tenth Birthday

The muncipal library in this inner city suburb actually began in 1949, but until 1998, it was housed in totally inadequate space that once had been a church. The new building--constructed after a 14 year fight by les Ami(e)s de la bibliothèque-- opened its doors March 31, 1998, and has been bursting with activity ever since. It now bears the name Robert Bourassa, after a former premier of Quebec who lived in Outremont for decades.

Yesterday morning I spent a very pleasant hour talking about the campaign for the library with people who had been involved and people who have enjoyed the facility since. The occasion was the announcement of a week of anniversary activities from May 4-10 which include activities for every age group. Among them are a Friday jamboree for teenagers, book discussions in retirement residences and a talk by noted French writer and pedagogue Daniel Pennac.

One of the things I am most pleased with in my life is the role I played in getting the new facility. Along with several other library lovers like Lorraine Patoine, Cécile Gagnon, Gratia O'Leary and Josette Michaud, to name only a few, I attended city council meetings monthly for years, passed petitions, visited local schools to enlist their support and lobbied local officials. Every time I go to the library, however, to see it full of people I am so pleased that we perservered.

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