Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturday Photo: Jogging on Mount Royal

Back before my knees began to give me trouble, I would switch from running to walking when the temperature hit -22 C. On Thursday morning when it was -26 C, however, I passed a small covey of very hardy joggers--very lean and rather young--as I trudged along wearing my full metal jacket: long johns, running pants, and sweats plus four layers of sweaters and hoodies on top.

Good on them, even though the cold air can do real damage to your lungs if you're not careful. That's one of the adaptive advantages of those funny hairs in your nostrils, you know. Not only do they strain out dust, they also frost up, making a little curtain behind which truly arctic air can become merely cold.

Sounds gross, I know, and my kids used to think the whole idea was hilarious. Maybe the real solution is to wrap a scarf around your face...

Forecast for today: high of -19C, or just below 0F. Who says things don't get better?.

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