Monday, 9 March 2009

Boredom is Counter Revolutionary, and Other Words to Live By

Looks like we missed a great evening on Saturday.

When Lee and I were out walking early Sunday we noticed the posters for Boredom is Counter Revolutionary which took place the night before. Obviously it was aimed at a crowd considerably younger than we are—several bands with edgy names were listed as talent--but I loved the name. When I got home I did some roaming on the net and came up with the information that the evening was the launch of the tenth issue of an avant garde arts magazine, Four Minutes to Midnight.

The new issue, the website says, “explores the idea of radical beauty (a theme inspired from this year’s Memefest) interpreted through the words and images of over 30 artists. Our ‘anniversary’ issue is the thickest (and prettiest) one yet, clocking in at a tidy 180 pages.’

Well, good for them for sticking it out that long in the tempestuous world of small magazine publishing.

And bravo! for putting into words a sentiment I’ve held most of my life. Boredom in large part can be overcome by looking for something to do. Doing nothing is, almost by definition, counter-revolutionary. Doing nothing is no way to live at all.

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