Monday, 30 March 2009

Won't They Ever Learn Department? Radio Two Shoots Itself in Its Foot with Juno Nominees in Sunday Slot

There was a two hour concert of Juno nominees on Radio Two Sunday afternoon. Good lord, aren’t they ever going to learn? One of the two good slots for serious music—Saturday and Sunday afternoon—seems under attack. It almost literally makes me weep.

One of my nearest and dearest won’t sign a Save the CBC petition because he’s furious about the wasted resources. If there were a conspiracy to destroy the public broadcaster it couldn’t be any more successful than what is going on now.

But here’s the link to the petition, in case you haven’t completely given up.
Click here:


lagatta à montréal said...

Mary, I love the classics, but I don't think that European orchestral and chamber music of the baroque, classical and romantic periods is the only "serious" music.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the medley of "serious popular" and classical music from the francophone world and many other cultures as I listen to Espace-Musique as I work. A lot of this quality music does not get much of a hearing outside Radio-Canada and community/university stations.

Of course, ideally, Espace-Classique warrants its own airspace, alongside a more varied playlist, including the classics, on Espace-Musique.

Mary Soderstrom said...

I agree completely with you that "serious" music is much more than just "classics." My point is that there is a lot of really intereting music out there which has been pushed aside as CBC Radio Two programs more and more mainstream mush.

At the moment Espace Musique is somewhat better. Do hope it continues to be.

And, I agree that the net special-sites are good additons. Although I can't work with background music at all, so I don't listen to the computer channels,