Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday Photo: Even Smaller Gardens

It's amazing what people will do to bring a little green and garden into their lives. The photo on the left was taken this week in the center of Montreal. The little patio faces south west, which means that it gets a nice amount of sunshine, but is not too hot in the middle of the day.

The second photo is one I took in Lisbon in May. The neighborhood is much older, and while part of it is being spiffied up, this building needs some paint and stucco work. Yet the people who live there obviously cared about having flowers just outside the window.

The point is that if you want green, you can have it just about anywhere. Here's a link to an interesting blog (from cold Calgary, no less) that specializes in balcony gardens, by the way: The Balcony Gardener.

For more about the relationship between people, nature and urban places, you might want to look at my book Green City, too.

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