Thursday, 13 August 2009

Has That Other Steven Got Some Good Reading for You! 31 Days of Short Stories

I don’t know how he does it but Steven W. Beattie, book review editor at Quill and Quire, has begun an amazing series on his blog That Shakespearean Rag: Notes from a Literary Lad. You’d think his day job would keep him busy enough, but he seems to be set on posting excerpts from and essays on 31 short stories over the 31 days of August.

The selections so far are a treat, and have introduced me to several writers I haven’t read before . So far, in fact, only a few names are really familiar: John Barth, Angela Carter, Barbara Gowdy and Lisa Moore. You could make a summer reading list from the books he’s suggesting, which may be just what he’s intending to do.

The others so far are: “Reference #388475848-5″ by Amy Hempel, “Headhunter” by Ann Cummins, “Pardon Our Monsters” by Andrew Hood, “The Quantity Theory of Insanity” by Will Self, “Out on Bail” by Denis Johnson and “CommComm” by George Saunders.

Check out the blog before heading for your favourite bookstore or library to get something good to read. This Steven is made of different stuff from the Prime Minister.

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