Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Let's Take Back Canada! Khadr Appeal Shows Once Again That the Harper Government Does Not Represent the Canada I Love

This post is going to be short because I am so disgusted. That the Harper government has decided to appeal the Superior Court decision ordering it to repatriate the boy soldier Omar Khadr is a disgrace. The Globe and Mail headline says it all: “Ottawa's Khadr appeal stains Canada's rights reputation.”

A major theme in Jack Layton’s speech at the end of the NDP convention a week ago was “Taking the Country Back.” Let’s do just that! The Harper Canada is not the Canada I chose when I became a Canadian citizen, nor is the Canada of the majority of other Canadians.


Anonymous said...

Take a listen to the podcast of this morning's The Current, about the "sneak thief" approach to Foreign Affairs that is basically putting Canada at odds with the UN. It's really, really scary stuff, especially the comments about only "tolerating" the international courts.

Geordie Tom said...

The 'problem' is that none of the major parties represent a view of Canada that the majority of Canadians support.
That's why we will continue to have minority governments.
Remeber also that the supreme court has a 'left' tilt due to majotity of years of Liberal appointments.
the government has the right to appeal the minority court finding.

Life Insurance Canada said...

A terrorist from a terrorist family. Does this boy deserve much thought? No, he deserves jail and to those that wish to help poor people, help the homeless. I don't understand the huge concern about this case.

Take care, Lorne

lagatta à montréal said...

Lorne, this young man was a 15-year-old minor when the highly-disputed actions he was alleged to have taken part in took place, under his late father's influence. Under International Humanitarian law, child soldiers are to be treated as VICTIMS and rehabilitated, not punished.

Only the father could arguably deserve jail, and the father is dead.

Mary, there is a discussion about this going on at - where you'll find skdadl, deBeauxOs and me as well as other posters you may be familiar with.