Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sisters, Another Cautionary Tale: Llasa de Sela Dies at 37 of Breast Cancer

I have no idea of the progress of Llasa de Sela's cancer--the public story is that she had health problems but felt well enough a year ago to finish a new album, do some concerts in Iceland and elsewhere and plan a major tour for last fall. The press release announcing the cancellation of the tour spoke of a "precautionary" measure in order to safeguard her "energy levels."

And then she died on the evening of New Year's Day, becoming a cautionary tale for women, and for the men who care about them.

Two weeks ago I wrote about another young woman in her 30s who had just been diagnosed with stage 2/3 breast cancer. At that time, I urged anyone pre-menopausal who finds a lump to get it checked out immediately, and for women over 50 or with a family history of breast cancer to get regular mammograms. Unfortunatelly, Llasa's story provides an opportunity to make the same pitch.

Chances are things will turn out all right, as my own experience attests. But if you put it off and something is wrong, it'll only get worse.

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lagatta à montréal said...

True, but it is sad to remember Lhasa's achievement and too-short life only through the lens of the disease that killed her.

Cancers are far rarer among younger people, but often far more virulent.