Wednesday, 8 September 2010

NDP Big Loser in Latest Nanos Polls: A Little More Backbone Is Needed, My Friends

It was with considerable disappointment, but no great surprise that I read the results of the latest Nanos poll yesterday. They show the Cons and the Libs with nearly equal numbers, around 33 per cent of decided voters. This means that the Cons lost about three points since June, but the big loser was the NDP which saw its support drop from 20.7 to 15.6.

The Globe and Mail reported pollster Nik Nanos as saying, “I think what we’re seeing is an accumulation effect, a series of issues that in themselves are not significant, but that as they accumulate start to move the numbers.”

Unfortunately there was little rapid response from Jack Layton and the boys on the issues which obviously annoyed voters this summer like the census long form fiasco. Nor was there vigorous support of continued stimulus money either, nothing about eroding health care, and now the horrendous dithering over support for the long gun registry.

A very large majority of Canadians are fed up with the Stephen Harper Conservatives: the Nanos numbers add up to more than 66.2 per cent of all voters preferring a party other than the Harperites. The number of undecideds are going down too. This means that in the coming election the party that shows leadership has a good chance of pushing the Cons aside...and unless the NDP changes its strategy its going to be left out in the cold.

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