Wednesday, 15 September 2010

World Energy Conference: A Lot of Gas, But Not Much Else

Those who thought that the World Energy Conference now going on in Montreal was going to be ground-breaking, world-shaking or a just step in the right direction when it comes to energy must be shaking their heads. It's quite clear that the view being presented is of today's energy's czars, not of the future. Here are headlines of the press releases from the first two days:

Monday: Traditional energy sources will remain key as alternatives developed


Tuesday: Search for right energy mix includes ongoing conventional sources as well as alternatives.

This comes as Quebec starts pushing for shale gas exploration, with one of the ministers actually saying we need the income to pay for day care. Not a good thing. Even though Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute was feted at the conference, it clearly seems headed for endorsing a steady-as-go policy. And that's not what's needed now.

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