Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday Photo: Oranges, the Delicious Fruit of Winter

This week our not-so-tiny-anymore-but-still-perfect baby Jeanne had her first taste of solid food. She scarfed down carrot purée and even took a little water from a cup.

Elin and Emmanuel arranged things so I'd be there to witness to event, which reminded me of Lukas's first solids. He was almost exactly Jeanne's age--his birthday is Aug. 22, and Jeanne's is Aug. 26--and we were visiting Lee's parents in California. He was showing the same interest in what we were eating that Jeanne is now, so I decided, why not try something he could pick up and stuff in his mouth. The books then were suggesting orange juice at five months, and it seemed only a short jump to trying orange sections because Lee's Dad had just finished harvesting the marvelous oranges he grew in their backyard. I took a section, ran a knife down it so it was easier to gnaw on, and gave it to him.

Ecstasy! The expression on his face was wonderful to see. After that we went on to cooked carrots, cereal, rusks and the usual other things, but oranges remained his delight. Everytime his grandfather took oranges out of the refrigerator he would lean forward, waving his arms around, ready for more.

The photo was taken much later near Irvine in Orange County. Lovely trees, lovely fruit.

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