Saturday, 1 January 2011

Saturday Photo: Simple Pleasures Are the Best Good News for 2011

After a year filled with highs and lows, I begin to think that the simple pleasures of life--orange clementines and red apples, for example--are what really makes it all worthwhile. So here is a bowl of fruit to share with you as a way to start 2011.

For more good news, I've got two films to recommend. One is Invictus, the inspiring story of Nelson Mandela, South Africa and the Springbok rugby team. Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon play the principle roles. A very good reflection on leadership, too, from Clint Eastwood as director.

Another film that is probably rather harder to find is The Good News (La Buena Nova), a Spanish film set during the Civil War of the 1930s. A young priest tries to bring the difficult but profoundly good message of Jesus to a small town during the rise of Fascism. We saw it at the World Film Festival in Montreal a few years ago and it's stayed with me ever since. More meditations of leadership, justice and courage: just the thing to think about when planning how to approach the new year.

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