Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday Photo: Rooftops and River in Lyon

Emmanuel is from Lyon, France, and at the moment he and Elin are introducing Jeanne to his family. Their visit calls to mind the short trip to Lyon that Lee and I made there about five years ago. At that point, E&E were just becoming a couple, and so a certain curiosity about where he came from entered into our decision to take the TGV from Paris to check the place out.

But even without that incentive, Lyon was well worth visiting. By luck we stayed in a small hotel in the Croix Rousse, the district on the top of the western side of the Rhone which was the center of the silk weaving industry in the 18th century. The views of the river were spectacular, and the ambience, great.

The Musée Gallo-romain on the top of the plateau overlooking the Saone was fascinating. It was May--the time for visits by school groups--and we were amazed to see the kids given free access to touch statues and other relics from 2000 years ago. But there are so many that apparently a little wear from young fingers is not considered a problem.

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lagatta à montréal said...

Yes, Lyon is lovely. Not quite le Midi but there is already a more golden light than Paris, and a northern Italian influence (stronger in Grenoble). Very walkable, also trams and funiculaires, a métro, and a public bicycle system despite the hills.

I stayed in la Croix rousse too, because I have friends there. La Croix rousse is "la colle che lavora" (the hard-working hill) whilst Fourvière is "la colle che ora" (the praying hill). One can deduce the social positions and attitudes. Croix rousse spans the workers' movement from the Canuts to the Resistance.

I hope you have seen the extraordinary full moon tonight!