Friday, 19 August 2011

The Basement Is Clean! Or How to Have 35 Years of Construction Scraps Recycled.

Of course, one of the things about moving back into a "restored" house is the sharp contrast what was left over makes with the clean walls etc. Lee now has his basement workshop back, but as he organized and rearranged, the six sheets of 3/8 inch Gyproc bought maybe 15 years ago for one project, plus all the metal bits he'd saved just in case and the odds and ends of wood seemed less and less essential. In addition, the workers had left a lot of scrap which they probably should have taken away, but hadn't.

What to do? It was too much and too messy to take to the borough's drop off site, so I went looking on the web. What I found were several services, and more or less on gut feeling (can you speak of that when dealing with people virtually?) settled on

I'm happy to say that after our several unpleasant experiences with contractors and services these past few months, we were extremely pleased. You register on-line, pick your time, and wait. As it was, the two young men arrived exactly when promised, cheerfully loaded up our stuff, explained what they would do with it (the Gyproc they'll keep because they're renovating a warehouse, the wood and metal go to local dealers, the electronics likewise.) Pleasant, efficient and certainly less expensive than renting a van to haul the stuff ourselves. It's not a franchise either, and I'm always in favour of encouraging locally grown entrepreneurs. To be recommended...

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