Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Life Goes on Department: The Ducks Did It Again This Summer

As I said earlier, I've been catching up on my usual walks now that we're back in the house. Last year I was delighted to find that ducks had raised a couple of families of ducklings in Parc Pratt, and I wondered if they'd been successful this year.

Yesterday Lee and I saw that they had--not in Parc Pratt, but the fountain in Parc Beaubien had a small flotilla--about 8--paddling around. It was particularly nice to see them as we were on the way to the funeral of a dear friend who died last Friday after an absolutely furious battle with multiple myeloma.

Then this morning I saw a small group of ducks paddling in Parc Outremont, another sign that life does go on...

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