Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday Photo: More Signs of Spring

When I was in Brazil a few years ago, I was told that the bougainvillea was called "primavera", or spring. Haven't been able to track that down--most of the translation sites give buganvilea as the Portuguese term--but certainly this spring for the first time in years my bougainvillea is blooming.

The climbing vine is one of the few things that my mother was able to grow in San Diego and I've always had a great affection for its paper-like flowers. The plant in the front window is doing wonderfully this year, for reasons that escape me.

More ordinary are the leaves which have appeared on the fig tree that I winter in the basement. Amazing, it starts to set out leaf buds in early March even though there is not much difference from season to season in the light levels and temperature. I brought the plan upstairs two weeks ago, and now the leaves of lovely and green in the window.

Outside the near summer temperatures of a week ago have gone back to below freezing, but still some of the early flowers are in bloom. The crocuses next door are jaunty and colourfull as they wait for the real spring to arrive.

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