Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring Will Not Be A Little Late This Year, and Hasn't Been For Some Time

Snow drops again! They're out in front, which is in contrast to the date the ones in the photo appeared. The pix was taken April 22, 2008, and the snow was just melting. Now there is practically no snow left in town, a month ahead of usual.

The New York Times has an interesting story about the way that spring is coming earlier and earlier in North America. The average date for the start of the growing season across the US is three days earlier than it was 40 years ago.

People around here have been profitting from the lovely weather by sitting outdoors and even starting to garden. But there such unusual early heat can have terrible effects. A spokesman from the Jardin botanique de Montréal told Radio Can this morning that, should the temperature drop to several degrees below freezing, buds and new leaves that are already out could be destroyed, could literally explode as the moisture in them freezes and expands.

A terrible thought, on that might prompt another round of Sangria or white wine drunk on the terrace in order to forget....

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