Friday, 6 April 2012

Making Easter Eggs Today with Natural Dyes

One of the pleasant memories of my childhood is dying Easter eggs. When the kids were small, we did it too, frequently with friends who'd share an Easter dinner with us on Good Friday or Saturday and who had kids too. But when everyone grew up I put that aside.

But Jeanne is here, with Thomas/Léa in prospect so I've started thinking about doing eggs again. Last night our Latvia neighbor came over with Easter greetings and the story of how eggs are dyed in Latvia with onion skins. Well into her 80s, she will do just that tomorrow at her brother-in-law's place to take to an Easter breakfast at the Latvia church.

So I've been inspried and at the moment there are two pots on the stove, one with onion skins and the other with beets, that are supposed to make interesting Easter eggs. I'll report tomorrow, perhaps with a Saturday photo. Here's a link to one set of recipes I'm using, And another to a story about how Latvians do it.

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