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Friday, 22 February 2013

Unconnect and Live a Little: Living without Electronic Crutches

Last night at a dinner with neighbors we--all of more than a certain age--talked about our electronic attachments. Only one of us had a cellphone, and I was the only one with a Facebook page.

 Not doing a lot of Internet folly gives much more time to live, was the conclusion. As an early adopter of some Internet tools, I see just how easy it is to be distracted from real things by virtual ones.

There have been days lately when I thought I couldn't keep focused on anything for longer than 20 seconds. That I'm working on a short story that isn't going well doesn't help. There's nothing like a little trip to the Web to take your mind off the fact that the words aren't flowing.

And then this morning I came across this video which is nothing if not ambivalent. Guy goes off-line in all senses of the word for 90 days and loves it. Then he makes a video about it.

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