Wednesday, 13 February 2013

You're Known by the Company You Keep: Justin Trudeau and Patrick Brazeau

Now that Patrick Brazeau has been more or less turfed out of the Senate for very ungentlemanly behavior, it's time to reflect on the boxing match he lost to Justin Trudeau.

Okay, it was for charity, and that's supposed to make it easier to forgive. By Holy Toledo! what's an MP going up against a Senator in a boxing match for?  Grandstanding, publicity chasing, sheer stupidity.

And  young Trudeau is going to be the next Liberal leader?  These two young men are terminably immature, and Canadian public life can do very welll without them, thank you very much. 

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rkmontour said...

My, aren't we full of ourselves aren't we?
Personally, I'm glad he thumped Harper's embarrassment for charity. Would that it were election day now. I am full up with the square head Machiavellian Harper. That's the thumping I'm looking forward to.