Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cooking Today, Wine Tasting Tonight

My cousin Mary Lynn Thompson and her husband Mark took us wine tasting in the Walla Walla are when we were there last month.  It was a great experience.  From a wine culture that began with Italian agricultural workers at the beginning of the 20th century, the region has developed to produce some truly excellent wines.

So of course we brought some home with us.  The kids got bottles, but we kept some for ourselves, and tonight we'll have the first to two tasting dinners.  Rack of lamb (which Mary Lynn's father introduced to Lee and me more than 50 years ago at a toney restaurant in San Francisco), crab cakes (that aren't sticking together, but maybe I can salvage them) pear and spinach salad (with pears from our two pear tres), cheese, local tomatoes in confit and of course wine.

At the moment I'm just sitting down for a moment: must get back in the kitchen.  Nothing weighty as a post today therefore.  But one's life should always stop for good wine and good food.

The photo is from the Pepper Bridge blog; with their grapes in the foreground and the Blue Mountains in back. 

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Anonymous said...

Can I come to dinner too....smiles...cousin ruth