Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hijab Power: The Muslim Fashionista Who's Gone Viral

Just spent an hour watching videos made by this irreverant young Muslim woman who specializes in make-up and popular culture.  Here she is with her husband answering questions about their lives, it's one of 130 videos she's posted on YouTube.  . 

Some might say that deep down she's quite shallow, but she's also a kick.  Here's how she describes herself on her Facebook page, which BTW has nearly 40,000 likes:

"  Hey! My Name is Nura, born and raised in the US. My fathers Moroccan and my mother is Swiss-Lebanese ! :) IMMMM OBSESSSED WITH MAKEUP!!:) I speak Moroccan! My baby girl's name is Laila shes my worrrrld! Ive been married to the world most handsome man mashallah for 2 years! Ive gotten the privilege to travel the world thanks to my father! OH and im a twin !"

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